Refinery29: Not Your Typical Media Brand

By Janet Quintero Pena

Today’s renowned digital-media company whose mission is “to be the #1 brand for smart, creative and stylish women everywhere” is making all the right moves to reach millennial women who appreciate original beauty and lifestyle content that challenges social norms. The Refinery29 brand understands millennial women, the content they want and how they want it. 
Refinery29 is not your typical beauty and lifestyle media publication as it continues to challenge media representations. In their recent partnership with Getty Images and Lane Bryant, they launched the 67% Project, which challenges media portrayals of women over size 14. This editorial involvement has allowed Refinery29 to challenge media misrepresentations of women.

Refinery29 quintessentially inspires women to uncover and hone their individualistic style and authenticity - hence the name. The company gained great opportunity after they joined Snapchat Discovery a year ago. Snapchat has over 100 million users, 70% of whom are female 18-34 years old. The social platform has helped bring Refinery29 to millions of users parallel to their own target audience.

The brand also reaches millions of users through Facebook. By offering various branches such as Refinery29 Entertainment, Refinery29 Beauty, Refinery29 Wellness and Refinery29 Living, the different verticals effectively captures women’s diverse interests.

Authentic content delivery that addresses real-life issues millennial women face allows the brand to efficiently captivate millennial women, while representation of diverse women across campaigns and segments allows them to feel included.

The digital media company is undoubtedly successful at capturing and reaching millennials through their preferred information source, social media on their mobile devices.  As Refinery29 is reaching an audience other media publications often oversee or misrepresent, the company’s global expansion comes at no surprise.

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Janet Quintero Pena is a Research Associate at kglobal.