This Week in Social from kglobal

By Ryan Schaefer

One of the questions I’m constantly asked during intern interviews is, “How can your Twitter account possibly be so funny? Can I come work for you so I can learn how to live?” (I’ve actually only gotten this once but in my head everybody appreciates and respects my social game.)

Fortunately, I’ve been learning from the best for a few years. With kglobal’s increasingly robust digital and social practices, I’m surrounded by people who are growing into future Twitter thought leaders and influencers. And I’d like to share some of their content with you.

Check out what my colleagues have been up to this week on social media (retweets encouraged). Also, don't think too much about the shameless plug of my own account.









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Ryan is an Account Executive at kglobal. He is focused on creating, curating and developing innovative and unique content. Ryan writes about how brands and businesses can leverage digital and social trends. You can follow him on Twitter @RyanSchaefer41, read his tips on the kglobal blog or e-mail him.