Great people make a great company.

Charles Dolan, Jr.

Senior Vice President

Kathryn Harrington

Senior Vice President

Lauren Martens

Director of Business Development

Ming Freer

Account Director

Molly Mark

Account Director

Diana Devaney Moon

Account Director

Jake Townsend

Senior Advisor

Joe Malunda

Senior Account Executive

Steve Bagley

Senior Account Executive

Margot Smirniotopoulos

Senior Account Executive

Collin Lever

Account Executive

Ashley Hawn

Account Associate

Ryan Schaefer

Senior Research Associate

Jamie Finkelstein

Research Associate

Katey Haas

Research Associate

Mayara Garay Kostianovsky

Research Associate

Morgan Williams

Research Associate

Headquartered in Washington, DC, kglobal is a Zenetex company. Our corporate leadership includes:

James McDermott

Chief Financial Officer

Jeff McDermott

Vice President, Contracts

Paul Geyer

Director of IT

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Local Network

We know it's not polite to brag, but in the world of grassroots, having the largest and most diverse network of grassroots organizers really makes a difference. Our team is Democrats and Republicans, lobbyists and campaign hacks, community organizers and former reporters. What does having more than 2,000 field operatives and organizers in our network mean for our clients? It means that they have access to key influentials in every congressional district, every state legislative district and the top 200 media markets.

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Internship Program

Are you looking for a rock star internship? Are you a fun, clever, motivated type looking to work for the corporate but non-corporate, agency but non-agency, big but small, new but experienced culture that will make any other job looking boring? Well, are you? At kglobal, our interns are a valuable part of the team. You get real world experience, wear lots of hats and the only coffee you get is your own. Intrigued? Click the link above to learn more.