Jim Arkedis

Jim Arkedis

Jim Arkedis has a long history of working with domestic and international clients on organizational strategies, communications and media outreach and good governance.

He has worked with clients in North African countries on communications strategies, organizational structure, and leadership development. In Scandinavia, Jim helped two clients with communications plans and citizen engagement. In Eastern Europe, he has worked with a political party on its voter mobilization plan. At home, Jim has consulted with the National Academy of Public Administration, a non-profit good governance organization, to maximize efficiencies within government departments and agencies.

Previously, he has been an intelligence analyst for the Department of Defense and ran the National Security Project at the Progressive Policy Institute, a think tank.

Separately, Jim runs a political action committee that supports candidates for Congress who have internationalist foreign policy platforms. He co-authored his first book, "Political Mercenaries", published by Palgrave MacMillan in October 2014. He speaks French fluently.