Joe Malunda

Account Supervisor
Joe Malunda

Joe is the chief digital strategist at kglobal, leading and mentoring teams across our digital and social media accounts. Highly detail-oriented and results-driven, Joe is responsible for crafting and supervising online campaigns that directly impact the bottom line for our clients. He has spoken at workshops and conferences as an authority on how digital mediums can affect both marketing initiatives and public policy through analytics and optimization.

At kglobal, Joe has executed dozens of successful website builds, social media projects, email marketing campaigns, advertising creative and media planning, and digital crisis services. A natural leader and mentor, Joe also serves as account lead for startups, trade associations, and Fortune 100 companies, managing both ambitious, one-off campaigns and day-to-day client relationships.

Joe is responsible for managing the growing digital practice at kglobal, introducing and optimizing internal processes and best practices that allow kglobal to manage accounts and clients more effectively. He also manages internal teams in thinking about the user experience, helping to elevate strategic thinking in all teams, from accounts and government relations to creative and crisis.

Prior to joining kglobal, Joe coordinated digital and social media strategies for political candidates, educational institutions, and government sectors. As an undergraduate student at Penn, Joe served as Membership Director of the Penn Democrats, integrating social media with traditional forms of engagement to increase student recruitment and engagement. He has also led special projects focusing on digital design and community outreach for medical schools in Philadelphia.

Joe’s passion for results-driven creativity is a result of his scientific background, where he focused on human behavior and human-computer interaction. As a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, he earned his Bachelor's degree in Biology with a concentration in Neuroscience. He has been published in several high-impact academic journals for his neurology research.

Always an avid consumer of culture – both high and low – Joe co-founded a television wiki while at Penn that brought in over 20 million unique visitors yearly. He is also Executive Producer of a non-partisan political podcast, The 202, that is available through iTunes and can be streamed online at

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