Parry Carter

Account Supervisor
Parry Carter

As an Account Supervisor at kglobal, Parry helps clients determine core competencies, identify competitive advantages and develop strategic diversification plans to access new markets. He works with businesses, federal and state agencies, chambers of commerce, and special interest groups to implement strategies with measurable objectives that drive action toward impactful short and long-term outcomes.

Parry has extensive consulting experience in planning effective, systemic economic development strategies, implementing and analyzing business incentive evaluations, and creating logic models to measure program performance. He has also conducted research on state and local economic development coordination and workforce innovation systems.

Prior to joining kglobal, he worked as a Program Manager at the Center for Regional Economic Competitiveness, where he oversaw projects focused on state and local economic growth policies, workforce development initiatives and program evaluation metrics. He managed the Office of Economic Adjustment’s Defense Industry Adjustment program evaluation initiative, which assessed the design and impact of the Department of Defense program to enable defense-dependent regions and businesses to diversify. Parry was previously a Senior Researcher within the Pew Charitable Trusts’ economic development division, where he helped state commerce and revenue agencies shape fiscally sound economic and tax policies.

Parry has a Master’s degree in Public Policy from George Mason University’s Schar School of Policy and Government and a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Virginia Tech.

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