Scott Sobel

Senior Strategy and Communications Executive
Scott Sobel

Scott Sobel’s communications career spans more than 40-years as an award-winning journalist and crisis public relations counselor for clients in manufacturing, aviation, higher education, the law, associations, government affairs, technology and health care. Scott has worked with international clients who have interests in U.S. visibility and influencing U.S. stakeholders. 

Scott is a seasoned public relations and media relations counselor whose clients have included top law firms, financial clients, and iconic and powerful brands like Mitsubishi, Sumitomo, the Catholic and International Baptist churches, as well as celebrities.  He began his public relations career as a regional director for Tele-communications, Inc. and AT&T, where he handled public relations and media relations assignments and lead national media training teams.

High-stakes issues in which Scott has been involved include an investigation by the Congressional Sub-committee on Investigations, and complex litigation at all levels of court, including a case that was eventually heard before the U.S. Supreme Court and another litigation involving the Libyan-backed terrorist hijacking of a jumbo jet. He frequently represents various clients seeking consideration from members of Congress and federal regulatory bodies.
Scott is a former journalist at the major market and network levels with a shelf full of journalism awards for investigative reporting on national gangs, toxic spills and the final days of serial killer Ted Bundy, to name just a few of his assignments during his twenty years as a reporter and producer.

Scott’s public relations teams have won international and national association crisis agency of the year awards and awards for a national crisis mitigation program that fashioned a relationship between Congress and his international manufacturing client. Under Sobel’s counsel, the client now sponsors a national S.T.E.M. mentorship program seen by thousands of students across America.

Sobel holds a Bachelors degree in Journalism/Political Science from the University of Miami and a Masters of Media and Communications Psychology from Touro University Worldwide.

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