Stefanie Petropoulos

Account Executive
Stefanie Petropoulos

Stefanie Petropoulos is an experienced messaging and communications strategist with political and digital grassroots experience. At kglobal, Stefanie is committed to executing successful media strategies, specifically in crisis situations, and delivering exceptional client service.

Most recently, Stefanie led digital communications and messaging for the youth arm of the Republican National Committee (CRNC) during the 2014 and 2016 campaigns. Stefanie specialized in reaching and engaging millennial voters on specific political and policy issues. She developed and executed many successful social media and online campaign strategies, bridging the gap between social media and traditional messaging. Stefanie has also led panels and conducted presentations on running successful digital media campaigns.

Previously, Stefanie served as an Associate at DC London, Inc., where she supported the 2012 Romney campaign, as well as various Senate and House races. She also developed creative strategies and led media relations for a portfolio of trade associations, energy, and trade clients.

Prior to her recent positions, Stefanie was a producer and created content for ABC Radio Washington (WMAL).

Stefanie is an American University graduate, having earned a Bachelor of Arts in Public Communication and Political Science. Stefanie also gained valuable experience during her time at American University working for The McLaughlin Group, CNN, and APCO Worldwide. Stefanie is from the Chicago North Shore suburb of Lake Forest, Illinois.

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