As the cyber industry continues to grow in importance, more state agencies and regional economic & workforce development organizations are realizing the need to not only analyze their current cybersecurity capabilities, but to also develop strategic plans to leverage cyber assets. States, like many businesses, must continually evolve to keep pace in the 21st century’s technology-driven economy.

kglobal helped to develop cyber analyses and provide recommendations for growing the sector through two Office of Economic Adjustment-funded engagements: one with the Kentucky Commission on Military Affairs (KCMA) and another with the Colorado Springs Chamber of Commerce and Economic Development Corporation (Chamber & EDC). Each organization requested a deep-dive into their respective cyber landscapes in order to evaluate current cyber resources and plan for future growth.


Teaming with prime contractor Simon Everett, kglobal helped deliver tailored cybersecurity industry analyses for both OEA grant recipients in Kentucky and Colorado. For each project, the Cyber Team conducted extensive independent research, engaged a broad range of stakeholders, and surveyed multiple industry partners to create comprehensive reports detailing observations on the nature of the region’s cybersecurity industry and capabilities. The reports offered clear and actionable recommendations for a strategic path toward growth.


After eight months of research and analysis, the Cyber Team presented the KCMA with a first-ever detailed industry study that evaluated the Commonwealth’s current cybersecurity landscape. The study covered ten key focus areas, such as education, workforce, economics, governance, privacy, and incentives. At the end of the engagement, the KCMA was armed with recommendations which will boost Kentucky’s status as a cyber leader when implemented.

In Colorado, the Cyber Team delivered to the Chamber & EDC a Regional Cybersecurity Strategic Plan and a Military Separation Skills Inventory and Analysis. The strategic plan assessed the region’s cyber inventory and provided Colorado Springs with a defined path forward for its mission to promote the area as a cyber-hub. The Military Separation Skills Inventory and Analysis report offered insights into the cyber capabilities of the region’s many separating service members and provided recommendations to best translate their skills into jobs in the region’s commercial cyber sector.

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