Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation America


Mitsubishi needed help selling a new product in American markets.

Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation America began manufacturing the first commercial aircraft Japan has launched in more than 50 years, but first needed certification by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) before they could start selling any planes. Passing the certification process was crucial to the Mitsubishi brand and required the company to build up an emergency response program while proving their bona fides as a good corporate citizen to U.S. government officials.


kglobal’s team leapt into action to support Mitsubishi, launching their emergency response program from scratch and developing relationships with key government stakeholders.

The kglobal team immediately flew out to Mitsubishi’s regional headquarters in Moses Lake, Washington state to begin work. Over the next 18 months, we worked with airport authorities to prepare the required federal accident scenarios; managed drills that involved authorities, accident victim actors, mock aircraft crashes, and emergency responders; and developed a successful STEM program involving local high school school students to cement relations between Mitsubishi and federal, state, and local partners.


Mitsubishi put their best foot forward as a good corporate citizen.

Thanks to kglobal’s crisis and relationship-building expertise, we accomplished all the client’s goals and set the stage for Mitsubishi Aircraft to have a bright future in the U.S.

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