South Carolina Department of Commerce


Defense contractors in South Carolina – as in many states – have seen their bottom lines directly affected by cuts in federal defense spending. Contract reductions have led to lost jobs and shrinking businesses, so what can companies do to ensure this doesn’t happen to them now or in the future?


We have worked with 28 companies in South Carolina, helping them diversify their revenue in other growing industries and enhance their competitiveness so they are less reliant on defense spending. Every company received a tailored set of strategic planning and marketing and branding deliverables, including alternative futures analyses, market research, strategy canvas reports, brand messaging and identity, marketing plans and social media strategies, among other things. The scope of each engagement was designed to help companies withstand cuts in defense spending, pivot to adjacent markets, and grow their business.


Each company is now armed with a strategy and tools for diversified growth, creating a more vibrant and resilient business. The companies we worked with can now approach and reach commercial prospects with compelling value propositions using our marketing and digital plans; apply structured planning processes to inform strategic decisions with our strategic planning reports; identify and prioritize new markets for their products and services with our market research; and present coherent and visually striking brands to their clients with our brand messaging, identity, and collateral.

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