U.S. Navy Office of Information (CHINFO)


CHINFO serves as the U.S. Navy’s primary resource and point of contact for reporters, journalists, bloggers, community members, Sailors, Aviators, civilians, Department of Defense officials, members of the public, and others. It coordinates U.S. Navy outreach, event planning, social media, traditional media, content development, resource management, and professional development initiatives. Given its broad mandate, CHINFO’s strategic planning capability became compromised overtime. kglobal was retained in the wake of a strategic communications alignment challenge, which exposed the need for greater enterprise-wide strategic communications direction, long-term planning, message alignment, and integration – both within the Pentagon and among Fleet communicators.


kglobal reestablished CHINFO’s strategic forward-planning capability and routinely conducts communication planning for perennial, emerging and ongoing Navy issues. In each of the past three years, kglobal has led or supported between 20 and 30 issue-specific campaigns, comprising strategic, planning, alignment and/or tactical materials development. kglobal created and serves as the CHINFO’s communication assessment and media analysis function. It works to identify issues of importance to principals and stakeholders and conducts media monitoring, collection, and reporting that includes quantitative and qualitative analysis. kglobal delivers a weekly media analysis product, as well as ad-hoc issue-specific media landscape assessments, and event-driven analyses.


We were charged with creating and implementing a framework and related processes for long-term, enterprise-wide communications planning, as well as creating and implementing assessment protocols. The reestablishment of the planning function has allowed CHINFO to be more strategic in its communication outreach and response, as well as play a more central role in communication efforts undertaken by other offices within the Navy, helping to promote integration and alignment.

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