U.S. Navy Commander Naval Surface Force, U.S. Pacific Fleet (CNSP)


The U.S. Navy Commander Naval Surface Force, U.S. Pacific Fleet (CNSP) is responsible for the readiness of all surface ships in the US Pacific Fleet (PACFLT).  kglobal understands the tremendous demand on the CNSP organization and helps provide a robust on- and offline public affairs capability.  Our job is to develop insightful, strategic communications and knowledge management solutions that foster collaboration, ensure communications alignment, and ultimately provide CNSP with cutting-edge public affairs and visual information support.


kglobal is responsible for all creative outputs – graphics, web, photography, video, and social media – for CNSP. kglobal manages daily operations of CNSP’s social media.  We monitor, identify and report on CNSP-topics highlighted on social media.  Our talented multimedia team produces and distributes locally produced photography and videos which are leveraged across platforms. kglobal has been providing this support – with excellent CPARS ratings – to the customer for two years.


CNSP has an ongoing requirement to create a positive image and to tell the story for the PACFLT surface ships across the spectrum of combat operations. With experienced strategic communications, digital development, and technical staff, our team delivers the communications support required to help reach CNSP’s target audiences. We constantly strive to push the creative envelope by integrating proven, award-winning strategies with innovative technologies and communications tools.

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