About Elliot

Elliot Carter is a media relations specialist and op-ed writing machine whose work has appeared in the Washington Post, The Hill, Washingtonian Magazine, Politico Magazine, Vice, Investors Business Daily, Slate, the Washington Examiner, and numerous other publications of note. Elliot is a natural storyteller who can find the right hook or fact to get both a reporter and their audience interested in a client. He’s equally adept at honing in on the most compelling messaging nuggets, and wordsmithing irresistible pitches. Current clients include the U.S. Army’s Office of the Chief of Public Affairs (OCPA), the U.S. Navy’s Office of Information (CHINFO), a financial think tank, and a global technology company.

Before Elliot joined kglobal in 2015 he worked on Capitol Hill and as a freelance writer. He graduated from Cornell College in 2014 with majors in History and Politics.


One last thing… Passionate about public affairs in both his work and personal life, Elliot is proud of his successful campaign for a new commemorative plaque inside the National Archives building on Pennsylvania Avenue. The plaque in question celebrates the atomic bomb-proof strongbox that protects the U.S. Constitution from terrorists and thieves.