About JP

John Paul “JP” DiMartino is an experienced professional who manages high-level communications projects for both the public and private sectors. His leadership ability, strategic sense and keen eye for detail make him an indispensable member of the client teams on which he serves.

Over the past decade, JP has worked on several defense contracting assignments as well as public policy campaigns and commercial projects that have helped him hone his skills in crisis communications, issues management and media relations. He has also managed communications for clients in the Energy and Food sectors.

Serving as a private consultant for a defense contractor was a major part of his career experience, exposing JP to a broad scope of sensitive and important work that was performed both in and outside the United States. In fact, the opportunity to understand how people communicate in different parts of the world helped build a broad understanding of messaging trees, code-grooming, crisis communications and how best to tailor tactical messages within the framework of sound strategy.

Prior to joining kglobal, JP was a Senior Media Strategist at the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, where he worked on a daily basis with the Under Secretary for Benefits on ways to build and maintain a media presence with a heavy emphasis on digital. He also helped transform a 26,000-person administration into an organization that took on a mentality, spirit and pace that more closely resembling what one would typically see in private industry. As a result, the U.S. veterans community has since been served faster and better by a VBA working as a motivated team.

One of JP’s most memorable efforts as a consultant was as Chief Strategist of the Greece’s “Vote No” campaign during the summer of 2015. Overcoming a 20-point deficit in the polls, JP’s team developed a strategy and supportive messaging that turned the vote around, receiving international acclaim. As a result of the referendum, the bailout conditions were rejected by a majority of over 61% to 39%, with the “No” vote winning in all of Greece’s regions.

An organized communicator and problem-solver, JP has also worked as a legislative and communications professional in New York State, and as a communications strategist in political campaigns.

JP earned a bachelor’s degree from Hofstra University and is pursuing his master’s degree in Strategic Communication from Columbia University.