About Lou

A master storyteller who closely listens and understands before he puts strategy into practice, award-winning former journalist and current political and public affairs strategist, Lou Young comes to kglobal after managing media relations for two New York political campaigns and decades of experience covering New York City and the world for several of the largest TV news operations in America. Young is comfortable in the public, private and political domains, and offers frank strategies and guidance for all kinds of communications environments, including during a crisis and while preventing or mitigating crises.

As a political and crisis manager, with an especial interest in education, he is proven to be adept at navigating the goals of administrators, educators, and diversity advocates always keeping in mind the primacy of student, parent and constituent objectives. A profile in Education Update captures his on-the-job intensity and compassion while mentioning his ability to sort through complex issues and find simple solutions, when possible.

Young’s personal touch has resulted in multiple journalism awards including eight Emmy’s for continuing coverage of 911 (you can see his work as the towers collapsed on display at the National Portrait Gallery in Washington, DC) and for his coverage of the Newtown, Columbine and Conyers school mass murders, among decades of reporting on very high-profile events around the world and in the New York City area where he’s well-known to generations of TV news viewers, many of whom regard him as a trusted companion who shared difficult times.

Since 2018, Lou Young has been advising political candidates in primary election challenges. He currently represents two successful judicial candidates in November’s upcoming general election. Because of his extensive travel and presence at major news events, his personal papers and field notes have been accepted for archiving at the Briscoe Center for American History, University of Texas. He remains in close contact with his alma mater, The University of Florida, and is a 2013 inductee in the Hall of Fame at the school’s College of Journalism and Communications.