About Markwilson

Markwilson Viloria is a SharePoint User Administrator who brings two decades of experience into his current role supporting Naval Surface Force, U.S. Pacific Fleet. Markwilson’s responsibilities include receiving and managing information from ships and commands, auditing web content for personally identifiable information, and ensuring compliance with Section 508.

Prior to joining kglobal, Markwilson honorably served in the Marine Corps for 20 years at various locations, which he credits with inspiring a lifelong commitment to service and excellence. Markwilson has experience with strategic analysis, operational management, and personnel development, and a strong knowledge of SharePoint, and all of its related technology. He has a track record of delivering exceptional results in competitive, fast-paced, and resource-constrained environments.

One last thing…Markwilson is a teambuilder, and a barbeque lover. He will bring the food and drinks as long as you don’t ask him to operate the grill.