About Scott

Scott Sobel’s communications career spans more than 40-years as an award-winning journalist and crisis public relations counselor for clients in law, manufacturing, aviation, education, security, associations, government affairs, technology, health care and other practices. All of his work displays his talent for listening closely to clients and being a communications catalyst to reach goals using innovation, imagination, legal and media savvy and just plain hard work.

Scott has worked with international clients who have interests in U.S. visibility, influencing U.S. stakeholders and security and reputation concerns. His security, crisis and reputation counsel is holistic and touches on everything from cyber threats to active-shooter scenarios.

Scott is a seasoned and award-winning public relations and media relations counselor who has held senior position at the kglobal agency, Media & Communications Strategies (his agency), GlobalLearningSystems, the Levick agency and he was a regional director at AT&T Broadband (he eventually personally represented AT&T’s former chairman and CEO). His public relations clients have included top universities, law firms, financial clients, and iconic and powerful brands like Mitsubishi, Sumitomo, the Catholic and International Baptist churches, as well as celebrities. He began his public relations career as a regional director for Tele-communications, Inc. and AT&T Broadband, where he led national media training teams. He has won the Bulldog Reporter national crisis agency of the year award and a Thoth award for crisis agency of the year, along with a list of other public relations and cable TV awards.

He counseled and led U.S. missions, for instance, involving the American Chamber of Commerce (Am Cham) in Egypt and the Indian National Bar Association. Scott travelled to Russian cities and counseled a law firm representing one of Russia’s largest financial institutions looking to raise its business profile before US news media, investors and legal associations. He has worked with the Embassy of Croatia, provided a media relations presentation to the TRIUM Executive MBA program in Paris and counseled an order of the Catholic Church in Rome and internationally. He has advised an American charity with crisis concerns in Africa, and international aviation divisions with crisis and emergency response issues world-wide. He has a record of placing news stories at the highest levels of media outlets and also having those types of outlets retract or amend reports. He is often called on by news media internationally to comment on breaking news.

Scott was a journalist at the major market and network levels for two decades after beginning his professional career at the Miami Herald and working as a reporter (oftentimes as an investigative reporter), or anchor in cities like Boston, Tampa, Denver and for various national assignments. He was awarded Emmy’s, Society of Professional Journalist, Associated Press and dozens of other awards for investigative reporting and stories that helped change laws and better communities.

High-stakes issues in which Scott has been involved include an investigation by the Congressional Subcommittee on Investigations, and complex litigation at all levels of court, including a case that was eventually heard before the U.S. Supreme Court and another litigation involving the Libyan-backed terrorist hijacking of a jumbo jet. Sobel also volunteered to counsel the U.S. Navy and visited the Joint Task Force at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. He frequently represents various clients seeking consideration from members of Congress and federal regulatory bodies.

Scott has created corporate social responsibility programs in support of clients’ reputation and image when those clients needed added credibility during crisis issues. Example, he created an award-winning decade-long program which involved 35 members of Congress and reached more than 20-thousand STEM students across America.
Sobel holds a BA in Journalism/Political Science from the University of Miami and a MA in Media and Communications Psychology from Touro University Worldwide.