About Tash

Tash Guenther is a communication and public relations specialist with a passion for helping clients achieve maximum results. Tash enjoys the challenge of learning new communication techniques as they arise to drive key messages for a number of clients. Tash also writes a variety of communication materials, such as marketing and brand messaging plans, for several companies located in the states of Indiana and South Carolina.

Prior to kglobal, Tash was employed by one of Australia’s oldest premier department stores, David Jones, in a role that gave her great insight into the messaging, planning and implementation of visual merchandising and product launches. Tash attributes her spark for marketing and communications to the completion of an internship at Walt Disney World. Tash has worked with ticketing and event management companies in the delivery of large sporting and musical events, including the Australian Open Tennis tournament. As a graduate of The Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) University in Melbourne, Australia, Tash earned a Business degree with a double major in Entrepreneurship and Marketing. In early 2017, Tash completed a General Assembly course on HTML, CSS and Web Design, as she is always on the lookout to expand her knowledge base.

One last thing… born and raised in Melbourne, Australia, Tash enjoys exploring new countries and has visited 13+ countries and counting! She brings an international perspective to the firm, one that combines an openness and awareness of diversity across cultures and markets.